Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tip-O-The-Day: Easy Access Jewels!

Ok, not real jewels, but jewels in the sparkly, shinny, dangly, I-just-got-this-at-the-best-thrift-shop kind of way.

If you have real jewels to organize, I do not discriminate, but maybe my ways are not the best for really delicate or fine jewels, the basic black velvet box or tray is best for those.

But if you're like me and have jewels you cherish but will never live off of or put in a will, here are some (dare I say) clever ways to keep them in control.  Above, you'll see all my danglies. I simply took an old silver chain and nailed it at both ends into the wall above my little dressing/makeup area. I admit, they do not always get put away so nice and neat, usually they're thrown on the shelf right below the chain, but when I want to get everything in order, it's easy to slip them back on the chain.

Next, to your right, are the emergency exits, and my rings. Now, I've done this a few different ways before. I take 2 or 3 chopsticks, pencils or . . . right now I'm using these unusual tiles I found somewhere - and stick them into a glass full of garden rocks, the little polished kind you can find almost anywhere including the dollar store.  Obviously, once you stick them in the rocks they are weighted down - or you can put the chopsticks, etc. in the empty glass and pour the rocks in, either way. Then all you do is plop your rings on!

Last, to your left, is simple and what many of us do - you can get these chain hooks at any self-respecting home-type chain store like Target or Walmart (or Fred Meyers, lil shout out to my Oregon People, man I miss Freddies!)

Another idea I have for chains, I unfortunately don't have photos for but I can quickly tell you about it - a few years ago an old boss of mine tore out a page from a magazine of a fantastic idea,  and for Christmas that year, I made it for her - I think the total cost was $20 or $30.

I took:

  • A gold gilded frame from Target, 12 x 12 
  • Tool peg board, the kind you see in an actual tool shed or mechanic's garage
  • The pegs that you stick in the peg board
  • 1 can gold spray paint 
I spray painted the peg board and pegs, let them dry overnight. Then framed the peg board like a picture. Recycled the glass that came with the frame.  Stuck the pegs in and hung it in her closet with some of her necklaces on it for a surprise. She loved it - and, honestly, it felt great to replicate something that was selling in a fancy magazine hundreds of dollars.

K, that's all I got today. Thanks for reading!! 
xo ruby