Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mish-Mash, Pish-Posh, Gobbldy-Goop ReWorked

Before: True Confessions
I find it so interesting how we (humans) just go along, day-in and day-out with the same systems set up in our houses. From the tangled up, dust covered TV & computer cords to the 57 vitamin bottles on the kitchen counter to the closet where, "Just Toss It In!" is printed on the inside of the door. 

Then there is MY issue, my daily beauty regimen/s.
Before: So disappointed in myself. 

Things tossed here and there 2-3 times a day. Somewhat sadly contained in old vanity sets, made for holding all the lady-crap we ladies love to have. And these "sets" are not sets at all. I have some Asian inspired things, 4 odd woven rattan boxes and random little finger bowls used for sushi. This mash-up holds all my lotions, potions, tonics and as much hope in a tube/bottle/jar as I can fit on these tiny shelves. Let alone hair bobbles, bandaids, q-tips, and all the things I seem to think make me look better. And if they don't, at least they make me feel better! 
That said, they deserve better organization, that's for sure!

I have a small collection of wine/booze boxes used for shipping bottles. I would collect them in my restaurant days, I like their look. I've always used them to store stuff, so these two I just repurposed from a bookshelf.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
After: Still many Lady-Crap things, but in much better order! 


I reused the 3 black Asian style boxes, bottoms only, turned them on their sides and slid them into the wine box vertically to make little compartments.  

In the finger-bowls are bobby pins, makeup sponges and safety pins. 

Next to the box is an old bottle I had for flowers, works perfect for bracelets and cuffs. 
After: In front this box, other smaller finger bowls
 hold hair clips and small earrings. 
In this old whiskey box, I used those old ratty rattan boxes, again to make compartments:
1=hairbands 2=bandaids 3=ointments/remedies 4=clippers/thermometer


Perfume in the center, behind it, a small mirror on the wall. And my favorite Christmas gift this past year, a stone carved Elephant ring holder. I like him a lot. Let's call him Henry. Also, I got some shelving grip cover to make everything more stationary AND keep me from having to paint. 

All in all, much cleaner and, yes, organized. My earrings have hung from that chain for years, if you had not seen that trick before, I still recommend it!


NEXT: Yes, I like to keep well stocked.That's not the point here. I've been just stacking it on the back of the toilet . . . UNCONTAINED! How dare I!


One more wine box that I had misc. office supplies in, completely under utilized, under my bed. 
The cigar box on 
top holds some of our secret unmentionables, as did the other cigar box in the "before" photo. I like cigar boxes for these and many things - they're beautiful and cheap storage. 

As alway, Thanks for reading!