Thursday, August 27, 2015

A little perspective and a lot of Gratitude for some Gratitude!

Hello Good People of Los Angeles and the World! 
It's been awhile, I've missed you :)

I just had a simple, kind text message sent from a client and it really got me thinking about what things are worth to people, what I feel my worth is and how I want to make sure I am not "taking anyone for a ride" professionally. Although I am one of the lowest cost organizers in town!

Here is the Text:
I overhauled her daughter's closet. She is a young actress and needed all her clothes separated, organized and labeled for call-backs and last minute auditions. And ALL the years of junk in the big walk-in removed. She is on a budget right now, I get it and I appreciate that she considered me a part of her budget last week. 

I love getting texts like this, because (well, because of ego, of course) but also because they are telling me that the money they spend has not been wasted. I have never thought domestic or personal services are a waste of money but we live in a very split culture about it. Especially in LA. I have often said "I'm a luxury for people." BUT if I wasn't me and I lived in chaos? I'd hire me w/o question. I can't do my eyebrows or nails for shit, so I NEED those people and I tip them fat! (I'm Italian, my eyebrows are no joke.)

I did a little research and I'm reminded of how extremely expensive this service can be - I mean three to four times my rate! I currently charge $35 an hour w/ a 4 hour minimum. Free phone consult, $50 in-home consult. Working lunch on 6+ hours.

These two companies in SoCal & NoCal alone charge DBL/TRIPLE my fee:

Bos Organization     Los Angeles Metro Area - Residential Organizing                                             Fee Structure + Pricing

  • Free Phone Consultation
  • 2-Hour Organizing Consultation + Assessment: $200
    • Half day/3 HRS: $255
    • Full day/6HRS W/ 1 HR LUNCH: $510
    • Full week (with 2 organizers): $2900
Bay Sage      San Francisco Bay Area - Home Organizing
Fee Structure + Pricing
  • Free Phone Consultation
  • HALF DAY/4-Hour Session: $375
  • 3 Half Days: $1175
  •  5 Half Days: $2375
And a co. in a completely different economy is STILL much higher. This Cary, NC business has the following costs:

LO*LO + 1 SOLO + 2 SOLO + 3 SOLO + 4 SOLO + 5 SO
2 HOURS195275375475565665
4 HOURS3155157058951,0751,255
6 HOURS4707651,0501,3251,5951,865
8 HOURS6151,0101,3851,7502,105
Most clients opt for our 6-hour package.      LO = Lead Organizer          SO = Supporting Organizer(s)
So, it's always good to do due diligence, but if you check back here once in awhile, I'll probably have done it for you :)

Be well, and as always ~ Thanks for reading!!! xo ruby