Monday, December 1, 2014

No Reason Tips, Because . . . I Have No Reasoning.

Holidays Schmolidays, it's 90 degrees in LA! Well, it was on Thanksgiving, as my Mother (in Oregon) reported to me. Now it is raining and you can hear the entire region go, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

BUT if the Holidays are in full force for you here in LA and you need some last minute organizing or help decorating or running around town or even wrapping gifts - I'm here for you! Until then, I've been thinking a lot about my own little ways of rigging together small things in life - MacGyvering it, as I like to call it. I never really even watched MacGyver - but what I remember of the premise, he was able to save the day (and everyone's life) each episode with no more than a paperclip, duct tape and a hand full of toothpicks. Or some such nonsense. Creative fixes, to put it more plainly. My MacGyver moments have a lot to do with saving money, but not all of them, and whether you can afford "the real thing" or not, you might like some of my random tips that I've come to rely on over the years. One or two, I can't live without, one or two will make you think I'm a nut-job. I'm willing to take that risk ~ Happy December!

  • Keep your shredder under your desk and immediately shred Bank BS, Credit Card offers, and anything w/ your address (if you care about that stuff) before it even hits your desk, or rather, never let it hit your desk. If it doesn't need shredding but is still junk? Just shove it in the shredder bucket, then it all goes to recycling when full - and never hits your desk!
  • My Secret-Super-Whitening-Germ-Killing Mouthwash:
    • Reusable, non-toxic plastic bottle 
    • Fill 1/2 with favorite Mouthwash
    • Fill 1/4 with Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Fill 1/4 with H2O 
    • Add 2 tablespoons Baking Soda
    • Shake well with cap on tight! 
    • Bleed the Peroxide gas a little so it doesn't over flow (a tiny bit like champagne)
    • Allow one week to get used to the flavor - you will not notice a thing after that. (see photo at end of post - 1&2)
  • My Daily Addictive Green Juice/Soup:
    • In a Regular Blender
    • Pre-cut Kale - handful
    • Pre-cut Spinach - handful
    • Celery cut in 2 inch pieces - 2-3 stalks are fine
    • 1 teaspoon Turmeric
    • 1 quarter-sized clove Ginger chopped fairly small
    • 1 raw egg/egg-white (your choice)
    • 1 small Apple
    • 1 Lemon squeezed in
    • Fill blender 3/4 w/ OJ
    • Blend the shit out of it - on high about 2 minutes - and "Drink"
    • CAUTION: It's CHUNKY, that's the point, all the healthy stuff is in the CHUNK! There is nothing "pressed" about it and pressing all the skin & pulp out of everything is stupid. Sorry, but it is. Also, pay attention when blending, if you put too much OJ in you could overflow the blender. (see finished product at end of post - 3)
  • For clearer skin, change your pillow cases twice a week, and use white pillow cases regardless of your sheet set. You'll be able to see what you've been sleeping on and why it's good to change them often.
  • You can recycle the TP interior cardboard tubes - keep a little basket next to your bathroom trash - ?? Or wherever is most convenient. In CA, tissue is NOT recyclable, they mean "used" tissue with bodily oils, etc... but I make sure the tubes are as paperless as possible, many brands happen to slip off the tube easily. (see photo at end of post - 4)
  • Bulk container of "Cleaning Wipes" 
    • Baby Wipes from the Dollar Store (80 per pack) - 2 packs if you're crazy
    • A tupperware that they will fit into
    • For super disinfectant, add a solution of about 1 cup of water w/a few tablespoons of bleach.
    • For basic disinfectant, add like 1/3 cup vinegar or peroxide and a little water.
    • Keep tupperware closed tight in your cleaning cupboard.
  • Disguising Lady Products next to/on the back of the toilet:
    • I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating - you can keep your lady tools in a cigar box, horizontal or vertical, they make both and if you just go to a real smoke shop they'll either give them to you or sell them to you for a couple bucks. (see photo at end of post - 5)
  • Pens/Post-It Notes/Brickabrack 
    • Use small flowerpots on the kitchen counter/desk/nightstand to contain all the things we have to have - like 1000 pens! I have to have them, I HAVE TO HAVE THEM - WHAT?! I DON'T HAVE A PEN PROBLEM..... oh, sorry. (see photo at end of post - 6)
  • Use fabric bits/samples under heavy things that sit on nice or antique furniture, so that the heavy thing won't scratch or damage it.
  • Use a credit or plastic card from your wallet that you don't care about (Ralphs/Safeway Card) to safely scrape candle wax or scum off your wood furniture. 
  • For candle wax stuck on fabric: Iron with wax paper over the candle wax, med-high heat. (Be careful of fabrics that melt & pick chunks of wax off first)
  • Find a beautiful old frame and tack cork to the back of it for a nicer cork board. (see photo at end of post - 7) CRAFTY CREDIT: Adam C. Boardman
  • For irritating WOOD rods in closets and showers - rub Olive Oil on a rod/s with a papertowel about every 3 months, the hangers and curtain will slide like bahddah. (this no work on metal or plastic)
  • Finally, some of you may know, I make magnets out of anything, and all you need is:
    • Super Glue
    • Small powerful magnets (Amazon) 
    • Anything; Coins, rocks, glass bits, buttons, tiles, old jewelry, bottle caps, beads, fake flowers, tiny toys, and anything that will hold up! I have a 1920's stove knob magnet (see photo at end of post - 8&9)
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