Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kitchen Cupboards: A Place for Meal. . .Worms?

The answer is No. Surprising, I know. But sadly, often your home is a home away from home for them. Now if I only knew where their actual home was~ Because, maybe a 10 year old bag of cereal is their Home. Maybe I'm the asshole who just evicted a bunch of them. Huh. Anywho, I have some photos to share (none of the mealworms, gross and stop wanting just the sensational stuff!)  ~ These are the cupboards where I found cereal from long, long ago and a galaxy far, far away, crackers made by companies that no longer exist, rock-hard powdered drinks, 11 years worth of take-out condiments (beginning the year they moved in) AND some actual dry goods from the previous owners. No shit. My client confessed. 
So, while the photos may not be as impressive as an Oprah home-makeover show, just know that the cleanse, physically and psychologically, was enormous. And the mealworms are in their own kind of heaven now, the dump. I love my job - I actually do! I LOVE cleaning out that kind of stuff - and making people feel so much better about their home! It's a blessing :)  As always, Thanks for reading!

Just 3 "Befores" 

The rest are "Afters" 

And this Guy, just cus I didn't think he should live in a drawer anymore.