Monday, August 19, 2013

Change hangers, change a lot!

Before. Not horrible, but not great.

Before. Really hard to maneuver
and find what he wanted~
After. Nice. Details . . .

After. All thin, velvet hangers from Amazon:
50 for $30  
After. And no slip pant hangers from Amazon:
 12 for $11
One more tip for a WOOD dowel rod ~
wipe it down with olive oil on a paper towel,
the hangers will glide like buuh-dah. Or oil.  

Landscaping for Manscaping!

Are mornings tougher than they should be? Or maybe you don't even know that they could be easier? To me, if there is any time of the day I wish were easier, um, yeah, it's morning!!! It's not hard to fix a few things that will make getting up and out a lot easier,  but also so much NICER with clean ears, trimmed nose-hair and flossed teeth! Because suddenly you can find all those tools :) The possibilities are endless . . .

Before. Morning brain.

Before.  Right lobe.

Before. Left lobe.
After. Wait! Wha~?
I have all these things?

After. In the event of an emergency,
look in here!

Safety First!

Towels folded in thirds,
so I could fit all the Dodger
Fan towels in too!
And finally, a nice arrangement above the toilet
to easily access your most used things.

So Many Shoes, So little Space....

I have been myself! 
No shoe deserves to live like this.

For a long time I have lived small, but unfortunately my affection for shoes has not ~

The shit-show preperation, pre shelves.  

Shelves were measured, cut, and fitted in.

Shoes were placed gently and kindly.
Yes, there are so many I have to do them single file,
with the mate just behind them. 

I do need a stool to choose, but it's SO worth it.
It's like going shopping every time, 

because I've forgotten how many great shoes I have!