Monday, December 12, 2011

A Proud Moment~

After moving a client from Santa Monica to Venice, I was paid an utterly awesome compliment - VB (my client) looked around her new place at the tail end of unpacking and said "I can't even imagine doing this without you, can you? Write yourself a quote from me, whatever you want, and I'll sign it."

I'm not writing my own quote from her, cause I don't think I can beat that one.  And my reply to her is this, "I think anyone can do anything out of necessity, but I sure do appreciate your take on it!"

Much love, VB!   Now today I'm going back to make her a MacBook of photos of her recent trip to the Himalayas with her Mom, Merry Christmas to her Momma!
Thanks for reading and may your week be organized!   xo rr