Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Simple Fixes: Things you can change right now!

Hangers can change your daily life. Don't think so? Think I'm being hyperbolic? I didn't say they'd change your whole life, but I do think they can change angst to ease when trying to get that one strappy dress off your closet dowel. You know the one, it's on a chunky plastic hanger, tangled with a tank-top that's hung up for some stupid reason but now has slipped off halfway and a wrap dress with an 8 foot wrap belt is stuck through the loose arm of the tank-top with the belt looped up over the bar and you can't get anything off the rack and you're pissed and naked and probably have face cream stinging in one eyeball. You manage to yank a big chunk of clothes off the bar and onto the floor, in one last attempt to free that strappy dress. That strappy dress you always want to wear but never get the chance, and now it's a tangled mess ~ so you kick it all into the corner and start over. You go for the drycleaning, all nice and neatly wrapped up, and wear what's easy, if you're lucky enough to have picked up your drycleaning. Then you end up wearing office attire to a summer, outdoor brunch.  

Ok, maybe that's a bit hyperbolic. But variations of it happen everyday in most closets. 

All you need to do is change out the hangers. That's it. Get those popular, thin, velvet hangers and not only will things be clearer and easier to find but you will gain so much space on the bar. I've written about this before. I'm repeating it, and the hangers are popular (and sold everywhere) because it works. A 6 foot bar in your closet can fit about 100 plastic and wood hangers, or 200 thin velvet hangers (yes, with clothes, of course). For heavy outerwear I use wood hangers, but thin, flat ones as well, not the heavy, concave mahogany ones you'd find in your Dad's closet.  

Where to buy: Everywhere
Bed, Bath, Beyond
99Cent Store
Home Depot


In bulk is probably your most economical choice, Amazon has 50 for $23, less than 50 cents per hanger. But if your have some and you just need a dozen or so, most Dollar Stores have them, 3 for $1.


Stock Example

Stock Example
Ahhhhhhhh. Don't you just feel better looking at these photos?

:)  xo ruby

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I often say, "When you look at a mess, you feel like a mess." This is an opinion. I do not have scientific proof. However, it's very true for me and for every client I've had for many years. NO one has said, "This! This, right here; this makes me feel great!"   
(No, this person was not moving in or out, they'd lived here for over 12 years. This is just how they live.) 

Since that hasn't happened to me, I wanted to do another round of Before&Afters to provide a little context to what I can do for you, a little evidence. Because, as we know, a photo is worth a million words (inflation & twitter). Here are some images that may sooth you, or ignite you...?! If you feel a familiarity with any of the Befores, call me and I will come make your place into an After.  ✊