Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I often say, "When you look at a mess, you feel like a mess." This is an opinion. I do not have scientific proof. However, it's very true for me and for every client I've had for many years. NO one has said, "This! This, right here; this makes me feel great!"   
(No, this person was not moving in or out, they'd lived here for over 12 years. This is just how they live.) 

Since that hasn't happened to me, I wanted to do another round of Before&Afters to provide a little context to what I can do for you, a little evidence. Because, as we know, a photo is worth a million words (inflation & twitter). Here are some images that may sooth you, or ignite you...?! If you feel a familiarity with any of the Befores, call me and I will come make your place into an After.  ✊

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