Monday, December 12, 2011

A Proud Moment~

After moving a client from Santa Monica to Venice, I was paid an utterly awesome compliment - VB (my client) looked around her new place at the tail end of unpacking and said "I can't even imagine doing this without you, can you? Write yourself a quote from me, whatever you want, and I'll sign it."

I'm not writing my own quote from her, cause I don't think I can beat that one.  And my reply to her is this, "I think anyone can do anything out of necessity, but I sure do appreciate your take on it!"

Much love, VB!   Now today I'm going back to make her a MacBook of photos of her recent trip to the Himalayas with her Mom, Merry Christmas to her Momma!
Thanks for reading and may your week be organized!   xo rr

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Check out Someone else's Kid Solutions!

<---- Before: A huge dresser is a catch-all and totally underused.

After: ------>
A small cabinet I found in the yard
is re-purposed and just the right size!


Before: Ummm, don't really need to say anything here, except 5 & 9 year old girls  share a closet....
After: I am hopeful that it stays this way....
but I am also a dreamer ;)


Thanks for visiting! Ciao ~ Ruby