Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I organized my brain . . . and wrote a book!


Find it on Amazon, download & paperback :

Very funny short stories for a very cheap price!
WARNING: Salty language, indeed.

Stories from a ridiculous life. 

Shorts about the funny, petty, absurd stuff in life; Hollywood, San Francisco, the Obama election, Rock Stars on the hunt, Men on the hunt, Employers on the hunt, Single Girls who don't like the hunt but will adapt in order to survive . . . and some thought provoking, sappy, sentimental stuff too.  
I hope you find a connection, a kinship, a giggle for what we all go through, life. Or maybe some understanding for the sister, daughter, brother, son, parent, niece, nephew, cousin or best friend who seems to have gone off the deep end to pursue a ridiculous life. My family did, and still do. Thank God. Thanks Family! I can speak for most dreamers when I say that we love living it because we cannot seem to live anything else (blunders, battles, broken hearts and all). I really hope you enjoy reading about it. If not, please be kind.