Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY: Old Stove, New Finish, $10!

Do you have an old stove top that looks like one of these??


I must say, there is NOTHIN' in the kitchen that feels better than a CLEAN STOVE!! (Aside from the obvious homemade Snickerdoodle) But for $10 and elbow grease, that up there ^^ can look easily like this:

Simply lift the top of the stove off. It shouldn't be attached, 
as to get to the pilot lights easily. 
NOTE OF SAFETY: Do No Use Spray Paint INSIDE the house or ANYWHERE near stove, Gas OR Electric! I'm taking no chances!
Get all "removable" dirt and food off of it - if you have access, a hose and scouring pad works great. Even a putty knife can really help with that piece of rigatoni from 1964.... If there is a lot of uneven surface, sand it down with a fine "metal" sandpaper. 
Found at any hardware store, $2 - $4. 
Then I simply spray painted it. I found a High Heat (photo below) BBQ Paint from Rustoleum - withstands 1200 degrees F ~ That's Hot! At the moment, it only comes in white & black, and flat finish - so you will not get that high gloss look. I thought that might bug me, but it hasn't - not one bit. In fact, when it was completely dry, I rubbed it down with a very small bit of olive oil - really worked into the surface - gave it a very nice subtle sheen. 


$6, Lowes 

So, lay everything flat while spraying, so you do not get paint dripping down the surfaces. Include your drip pans and burner grates - the whole stovetop can look like new! Allow to dry at least a whole day, depending what climate you're in. Being in LA, I have an advantage, but I still let them dry about 12 hours. If you're not in a dry climate, spray paint them outside and carefully bring
 them into a garage or basement to dry over night.

UPDATE: 2 months later, it still looks great :) 

 As Always, Thanks for reading!  xo ruby