Sunday, December 5, 2010

Confession-of-the-day: Sometimes, I'm a Mess!

Hi There-

Forgive me People, for I have been a mess. Maybe the term "mess" is relative, but for me to preach organization and then carelessly toss DVDs and books around, neglect making the bed for days, and often leave my PJs on the floor (WTF?),  well, it's just wrong, and this is my collective, giant confessional.

I feel it necessary to show you as well. The aforementioned PJs on the left, the chaotic bookshelf above-right, and below is my poor beautiful antique Chinese chest, slowly becoming a small electronics & handbag depot. Chairman Mao would have sent me to the fields.

So, it was time to get my tiny place whipped into shape. Money where my mouth is, baby.
I began with the bookshelf. It's not as easy as you might think, especially when you have different sized things, books/albums/DVDs all on one shelf.  As you've all read and gathered, I have a limited space, to say the least-because I don't have the space to say the most.

On that shelf in particular, I was in a bind - not having enough of any one thing to adjust the shelf up or down and fill it. I also didn't have an extra shelf to insert, which would have helped fix the issue.  I had to get creative with placement. First, I pulled out all the regular sized books, edited my other shelfs to fit them, then put everything else on it's side. Next, biggest  things on the bottom (the albums), then my "coffee table" books side by side and leveled, to become a shelf in themselves, and lastly the DVDs.

I had to give up a few regular sized books, and I also edited my DVDs (you may be thinking What a sad collection for an actor & writer...) BUT I know that everything, I mean everything, I may need or want can be found on this giant series of tubes I'm using right now. And, less we forget, the Public Libraries - while they're still open!

You don't have to always donate your stuff if you're having a hard time parting with it, you can also sell your media at Amoeba or your local resale place (getting a few bucks always makes it easier).  In LA/SF, check out

With the Chinese chest,  I just simply put my purses away in their box and my tiny electronic devices into their silver vase you see there. My phone lives on that plate, where it charges.  I'm allowing myself to keep the one purse out that I am currently using. The glass box full of beads is art, to me anyway :)

And that's my big secret - I like to toss things around and leave them where they lie. Sometimes...

Thanks for listening!

xo ruby