Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tiny Things Can Cause Big Headaches

I've been thinking a lot about tackling tiny things we all need for day-to-day living/working, primarily because clients tend to think, 
"If I have all office supplies in one area, what more do I need to do with them?" 
Well . . . if you have to stare at the shelves/cabinets/drawers for 20 minutes trying to find the right pen/marker/clip/envelope or ink cartridge, then ~ No. It is not organized. 

Or if everything is kept in the package or box from Staples, et al., you're still staring, reading what is in each box or having to open 6 boxes to find the right two-windowed-envelope or medium-black-binder-clip. 

At this point you are probably thinking I have gone around the anal retentive bend. Maybe, but I'll show you how making things clear and accessible really saves time and headaches. Also money, I cannot tell you how many times I come into an office space to find 20 boxes of paperclips or 4000 legal envelops or 120,000 mailing labels (recent examples) because people didn't know what they had, so they just order more . . . and more and more and more. Ay Chihuahua! 

Mid Process

Post Process



Simply put, See It? Use It!

as always, thx for reading!  xo ruby

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